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Ankara is considered as one of the most "serious" cities of Turkey, since it hosts the parliament and many politicians. This brings the mood of stable life in to the city. However, by being the capital and having a huge student population Ankara has a very colorful night life as well.

Bars & Clubs in Ankara

Adres Bar
Live Music Everyday. Folk Songs, ballad and more. A must see place for the visitors and international students. A great place afterwork for locals.

Phone : +90 (312) 431 91 04
Address : Bayındır Sk. 19/17 Sakarya Kızılay Ankara

Murphy's Bar - Dance Club
The first and only 5 start bar of Ankara, built in the first floor of Hilton Ankara.

Phone : +90 (312) 466 00 54
Address : Tahran Cad. No. 12 Kavaklıdere Ankara

Interesting setup and live Rock bands everyday. The most popular music hall of Ankara.

Phone : +90 (312) 433 71 31
Address : SSK İşhanı 3.Kat 16-17 Sakarya Kızılay Ankara

Beyaz Ev - Jazz Club
It is located in one of the most famous universities in the country. Jazz lovers will like the Beyaz Ev. (White House)

Phone : +90 (312) 297 64 95
Address : Hacettepe Üniversitesi Kampüsü Beytepe Ankara

Biber Cafe / Pub
The best bar in Ankara. Great food and lovely atmosphere.

Phone : +90 (312) 430 07 17
Address : İnkılap Sok. No: 3/D Kızılay Ankara

French food and the mood. Place where it is always the time to enjoy your meal. This is a place where it is always time to enjoy a meal. It offers french food and a great atmosphere.

Phone : +90 (312) 440 51 23
Address : Abdullah Cevdet sok. No: 30 Çankaya Ankara

Café Titto
Game land for gamers. Enjoy your time with friends, play games and have a cup of tea. See the web sites. Go to link Titomus on the main menu to view the photo gallery.

Phone : +90 (312) 236 42 07
Address : Ümitköy 8.cad No:25/3 Çayyolu Ankara

Time to have cakes. Tasteful!

Phone : +90 (312) 235 44 00
Address : 8. Cadde No :53/10 Ümitköy , Galeria

City Voice
A great place with its huge space. Traditional and classical Turkish music is the general concept of the club. A must see place for visitors.

Phone : +90 (312) 436 06 06
Address : Nenehatun Cad. No:64 GOP Ankara

A great place for events at which you can enjoy the unlimited richness of the city.

Phone : +90 (312) 475 46 50
Address : Dikmen Cad. No 376/5-6 Dikmen Ankara

Hayyami Wine House
Great wines and delicous food. A place to go for wine lovers.

Phone : +90 (312) 466 10 52
Address : Bestekar Sok. 82/B Kavaklidere Ankara

Hollywood Meyhane
Enjoy the Traditional Turkish music with local food options.

Phone : +90 (312) 468 12 15
Address : Cinnah Cad. Farabi No:23 Çankaya Ankara

IF Performance Hall
High energy and superb performance of Rock groups can be enjoyed at IF Performance Hall. One the most popular rock bars in town.

Phone : +90 (312) 418 95 06
Address : Tunus cad. 14-A Kavaklıdere Ankara

Locus Solus
Live Dj sets and more can be found here. With its cool set up, this is a place where you can have fun, while you visit town.

Phone : +90 (312) 468 67 88
Address : Bestekar Sok. No:60 Kavaklıdere Ankara

A trendy rock bar where live bands perform. I gets crowded especially by university students. Take a look and see if you still have energy to spread out with the new generation university students.

Phone : +90 (312) 427 62 63
Address : Çevre Sok. 7 Çankaya Ankara

Marilyn Monroe Cafe / Bar / Restaurant
Get energized and enjoy your time. Even if you are with your family, there is some space in this sweet little bar for you and for the ones you love.

Phone : +90 (312) 4602 303 04
Address : Tunalı Hilmi Cad. Büklüm Sok. 54/A Kavaklıdere Ankara

MIDAS Wine Cafe & Bistro
Rich menu. Salads, pastas, chicken, sandwiches, grills, appetizers and more. Take a journey of taste that starts from east meditrenian and reaches to European kitchens.

Phone : +90 (312) 426 04 46
Address : Büklüm sok. No:59 Kavaklıdere Ankara

Experimental music lovers, this is a must see place for you. Check the web site for details.

Phone : +90 (312) 433 02 80
Address : Sakarya Cd. 25/A Kızılay Ankara

North Shield Mesa Plaza
Got famous recently. Various types of beers and nice setup attracts the locals and city visitors.

Phone : +90 (312) 240 82 92
Address : Mesa Plaza No: 42 Çayyolu Ankara

Over All
Almost every night there is a special event at this bar. Great management and effort to keep the bar at the top of the best places list.

Phone : +90 (312) 468 57 84
Address : Güvenlik Cad. No: 97 A.Ayrancı Ankara

Planet of Beers

Phone : +90 (312) 432 30 79
Address : Bayındır 1 sokak 16/B Kızılay Ankara

Salata - Mesa
Salata Mesa is a great location for company meetings, special events and more. The restaurant/bar style set up enables it to welcome 900 people indoors and almost 2000 outdoors. To learn about the events and parties please visit the club's web site.

Phone : +90 (312) 241 12 01
Address : Mesa Plaza No: 51 Çayyolu Ankara

Saklikent (Secret/Hidden City)
the best place to go during the winter since the audience of the place -mostly university students - is out of town during summer. A huge arena built especially for special events. Check the web site for the upcoming events.

Phone : +90 (312) 418 38 11
Address : Akay cad. 25/A Küçükesat Ankara

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