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After Ankara became the capital of the newly founded Republic of Turkey, new development divided the city into an old section, called Ulus, and a new section, called Yenişehir. Ancient buildings reflecting Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman history and narrow winding streets mark the old section.

The new section, now centered around Kızılay, has the trappings of a more modern city: wide streets, hotels, theaters, shopping malls, and high-rises. Government offices and foreign embassies are also located in the new section.

Ankara has experienced phenomenal growth since it was made Turkey's capital. It was "a small town of no importance when it was made the capital of Turkey.

Ankara AirportIn 1924, the year after the government had moved there, Ankara had about 35,000 residents. By 1927 there were 44,553 residents. In 1950 it had a population of 286,781. By 2005 its population was well over four million.


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