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Ankara has many delightful parks and open spaces established in the early years of the Republic. Ataturk was the main reason of this development in the city.

List of the parks:
Gençlik Park (which also has an amusement park), the Botanical Garden, Seğmenler, Anayasa, Kuğulu, Abdi İpekçi, Güven, Demetevler, Cemre, Kale, Anıt, Göksu, Harikalar Diyari (Wonderland) , Kurtuluş (for ice skating) and Altınpark (Fairground).

ParkAtatürk Orman Çiftliği (Atatürk Farm and Zoo) is now within the growing city and is a pleasant place to spend a day. There is a replica of the house where Atatürk was born in Salonica, an excellent restaurant, and some cafes.

Visitors can sample such famous products of the farm as its excellent beer, tasty old-fashioned ice cream, frsh yogurt, milk, and meat rolls. for more information please visit www.akm.org.tr

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