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Like all the other cities of Turkey football (soccer) is the most popular sport in the capital of Turkey. Ankara 19 Mayıs Stadium is the venue for football games which is capable of nearly 20.000 audience. Ankara Buz Pateni Sarayı is where the ice skating and ice hockey competitions take place in the city.

One of the extreme sports that lives in the city is skateboarding. There are many popular spots for skateboarding which is active in the city since the second half of the 1980s. Skaters in Ankara usually meet in the park near the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. The point on Ankara skateboarding is that there is no local or national ban about skateboarding in the whole country and that makes the skaters kick the city flatground having no problems with the officers at all.

Fitness CentersThe city has four football (soccer) clubs currently competing in the Turkcell Super League: Gençlerbirliği, Büyükşehir Belediye Ankaraspor, and Ankaragücü.The fourth club, Gençlerbirliği OFTAŞ has moved to participate in the Turkcell Super League during the 2007-08 season which started on the August 10th 2007.

In the Turkish Basketball League, Ankara is represented by Türk Telekom and CASA TED Ankara Kolejliler.

Sport Centers in Ankara

Curves Çayyolu
Phone: +90 (312) 242 22 96
Address : Park Caddesi No. 17/4 Çayyolu, Ankara

Ankara Fitness Club
Phone : +90 (312) 447 68 20
Address : Uğur Mumcu Cad. Kırçiçeği Sok. No:3/4 G.O.P.

Tivolino Fitness Club
Phone : +90 (312) 467 54 81
Address : TunalıHilmi Caddesi, No:85/B Kavaklıdere : Ankara

Spormed Plaza
Phone : +90 (312) 284 74 84
Address : 2. Cd. No 5 (ATO yanı) Söğütözü Ankara

Sports International
Phone : +90 (312) 266 71 00
Address : Bilkent 1. Cadde Ankara

Kavaklıdere Sporting Club
Phone : +90 (312) 427 14 73
Address : İran Cad. 4 Kavaklıdere

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